Web Design

Welcome to the World of Web Design

What are websites like from around the world?  well you may well find that websites styles vary from country to country,  lets take for example UK & USA websites.

What we have found is that the US websites are always pushing offers, promotions in order to get the user to contact or to make a purchase, this is not the case in the Uk websites that we looked at, the UK websites that we analysed seemed to be subtle in their selling approach.

Web Design Tips

  • make sure your website loads fast
  • what is the message your website is sending
  • what is your USP
  • is there a call to action on your website
  • does your website seem trustworthy ?
  • is your website design mobile and tablet friendly
  • does your website have good quality images
  • make sure your website is secure
  • build your website with SEO at the heart
  • provide quality content
  • set up google analytics and make sure that you monitor it
  • use tools like google webmaster to ensure that your website is ticking all the right boxes.
  • set up social signals – facebook, twitter, etc
  • Don’t ever use flash.

With this in mind we have decided to monitor a website from the Ireland and a website from the US in the same sector each week and to report our findings of what we found to be the pro’s and cons of both websites

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